We are unique in this industry because we are personally involved in every step of the process, from seed to shelf.  Our hands plant the seed in the soil, nurture the plant through her life cycle, and months later place the finished flowers in their packaging for you.  All this time and personal attention is worth the effort in order to create a truly exceptional product.  


It begins with the perfect “Mother” grown from seed.  Our “Mother” plant is carefully selected as the strongest and healthiest that stands out as having superior genetics.  All other plants within a crop are clones of this first mother, ensuring those superior and identical genes are present in each and every plant.  With this technique we are able to guarantee consistency time and time again.


Our premium hemp flower is grown in indoor environments by trained and certified cultivators.  Indoor growing allows us to set and maintain all of the environmental factors to ensure optimal conditions for plant and flower growth.  This allows us to have full control over the growing conditions and produce harvests year-round, instead of seasonally like outdoor cultivators.  All of this results in a fresher, more potent end product that we are proud to stand by.


All of our flowers are harvested and trimmed by hand rather than machines.  We utilize slow-drying and curing techniques to ensure maximum freshness and cannabinoid enhancement.  Our slow curing process takes patience, but allows us to provide you with premium flower that offers the appearance, flavor, aroma, and perhaps most importantly effects that we are proud of and work so hard to maintain.  Again, we strive for excellence and quality over quantity.  


After the curing process is complete, our flower is stored in the optimal conditions.  This ensures that after all that hard work and time, the unique and rich profiles of the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the flower are freshly preserved for you to enjoy.  You won’t try any one of our products and find dried out, stale, or flavorless buds.  If that is what you are accustomed to, we invite you to see, feel, and experience the difference in our products.  


All aspects of our small and intimate operation are diligently performed to ensure safety, legal compliance, and to verify that the quality of our products is up to our high standards.  Grown organically and third-party lab tested, our flower is free of pesticides and heavy metals, and complies with all applicable state and federal regulations.  We provide a certificate of analysis (COA) with each purchase, so you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality and transparent product.