From our humble beginnings growing microgreens, we at High Ranch Farm believe plants have the  ability to heal.  This belief naturally directed our attention to hemp flower with its multitude of therapeutic uses and benefits.  Once this seed was planted, there was no looking back.


Our founder, an ultra-marathon runner and outdoor enthusiast, understands the potential each individual has inside them.  When health, wellness, and peace of mind align there is nothing that can stand in our way, and our CBD flower perfectly aligns with these principles.


Whether it is relief from a long day at work, a good workout, a creativity pick me up, or easing into a restful night’s sleep, we believe our hemp flower has the ability to improve lives.  

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In the rush to flood the market with questionable CBD products we chose to be different.   We decided to slow down.  To grow small batches of flower to ensure every plant gets the attention she deserves.  To trim by hand and to slow cure.  To ensure consistent experiences demanded from a boutique product.   


We all have our own passions, interests, and experiences that are distinctly our own.  We also have our own stressors and challenges that can sap our energy and reduce our potential in this life. So why settle for average quality and mass-produced hemp flower?   


High Ranch Farm is dedicated to well-being and we strive to provide a unique experience for each individual. From our indoor and organic growing practices, to our 4 gram 1/8th jars, to our pre-rolls filled with high quality flower and not leftovers, we endeavor to differ from the crowd.